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   DRILL BIT 215.9 (8 1/2) AUM2-KLS13ETGP-R917-1   

   IADC code: 137   

   Manufacturer: Volgaburmash, JSC

   Thread GOST | API : pin 3-117 | 4 1/2 Reg.

   Notes: Guarantee does not apply to this bit.   

  This sealed bearing bit is designed for drilling soft formations with medium interlayers with water or mud circulation.

  - Combined circulation (three side nozzles and one central nozzle);
  - Shirttail and leg leading edge hard-facing;
  - Leg protection with TCI;
  - Energy-balanced cutting structure;
  - Enhanced voluminous teeth hard-facing;
  - TCI on the heel of the cones;
  - Additional gauge row (reamers).

   PRICE: $1820 Buy   

   DRILL BIT 219.1 (8 5/8)    FD246S-A348  

   IADC code: S223   

   Cutter size: 16 mm

   Thread, GOST | API : pin 3-117 | 4 ½ Reg   

  The bit is designed for full diameter drilling of vertical and directional oil&gas wells in soft formations with mud circulation.

  - Spiral blade geometry facilitates cuttings removal from bottom-hole and stabilizes the bit;
  - High blades reduce the possibility of bit balling and improve bottom-hole cleaning;
  - PDC cutters on the gauge increase bit wear-resistance;
  - Shockproof pads are introduced to limit bit vibrations and increase drilling stability.

   PRICE: $8775 Buy   

Volgaburmash and Uralburmash are Russia’s largest companies producing rock-cutting tools