History of Volgaburmash

буровое долото

The history of the Company's establishment and development has a lot to do with the progress of oil producing industry in the Ural, Samara and Perm regions, in Tataria and Bashkiria. A sharp increase in meterage drilled demanded a rise in the output of drill bits and drill pipe tool joints. On the basis of these requirements the Ministry of Oil Industry directed to build a drill bit plant in Samara, former Kuibyshev.

24 May 1948 is the date of creation of our Company.

1948 is the beginning of the first stage of the Company's formation, when first lots of the products were manufactured. The plant produced 1,015 roller cone drill bits.
In 1958 the Drill Bit Design and Development Group was created. Skilled product and process design engineers joined to accomplish a full complex of activities on the development of a wide range of drill bit types and sizes.
шарошечное долото ОКПВ At present it is the only drill bit design group available in Russia. It has over 1.5 thousand innovations to its credit.
1967 is worth mentioning for a millionth bit that was made from the establishment date of the plant.
1970 Volgaburmash, JSC started to supply tungsten carbide bits for Kolsk ultradeep well, the deepest well in the world (12,262 meters). The drilling operations continued until 1990.
In 1982 the Company's product and production technology was enhanced with the construction of a new manufacturing facility under the direction of Dresser Security of the USA. It produced highly effective low speed drill bits with a capacity of 100,000 bits per year.
In 1990 designers of 8 ½" МЗ-ГВ-3 developed in 1985 at Volgaburmash together with the experts of Surgutneftegas took award of the Ministry of Oil and Gas Industry of the USSR. This bit showed a record meterage drilled for those times – 1,450 meters.
In 1994 our capabilities were increased again with the adoption of the open-market system in Russia. The former management structure was revised and a marketing group was supplemented with a skilled staff. We incorporated the latest drilling bit technologies into our manufacturing processes. This contributed to the improvement of our design and production capacities. We have ongoing development programs to continually improve our design and production capacity.
буровое долото In 1997 Volgaburmash products were certified by API Q1 Specification 7, and ISO 9001. All drill bits that are manufactured by the Company conform to world standards. Quality level and competitive capacity constantly certified to indicate that the quality procedures utilized by the plant conform to international norms enable us to successfully serve domestic and international markets.
2002 to the present date - We have ongoing development programs to continually improve our design and production capacity. These capabilities have been supplemented with modern equipment purchased from leading domestic and foreign companies. We continually intensify our manufacturing abilities through capital investments in new production machines and processes.
In 2003 Volgaburmash mastered the manufacturing of PDC bits with a steel body.
In 2004 Volgaburmash became an associate member of the International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC), Houston, USA.
2006 – Tatneft, JSC drilled a unique horizontal well at Ashalchinsk field of pitch minerals with Volgaburmash 8 ½" AUL-LS43X R233 bit. This is the first horizontal well in the world drilled by means of the vertical drilling rig with rise on surface. This technique allowed providing warm-up and production of oil out of pitch minerals which was impossible earlier.
2007 - Volgaburmash Environmental Management System has been assessed and found compliant with the requirements of ISO 14001:2004, as well as our Occupational Health and Safety Management System has been registered according to the requirements of OHSAS 18001:2007.
2008 – 8 ½" AUL-LSP42X R598 bit produced by Volgaburmash showed a record meterage drilled – 2,933 meters – at the field of LUKOIL, JSC. This record has not been surpassed through present day.
2010 – Volgaburmash mastered production of big diameter bits – 26" bits which are manufactured only by few major drill bit companies in the world.
2015 - For the purposes of Volgaburmash strategy targeted at using the most advanced technologies of the industry, a project of implementing 1C: ERP Company management - 2 is launched.
2016 - As a part of the global project of automation of production processes, we started introduction of PLM-system Teamcenter used for management of engineering data and production processes during the whole product life cycle, the Company is switching to the latest version of Siemens NX platform.

During its history the Company produced more than 8.5 million drill bits for oil-and-gas and mining industries. It helped to provide million tones of oil, billion cubic meters of gas and rocks.

History of Uralburmash

шарошечное долото Uralburmash, Joint Stock Company (also known as UralBMT) is one of the largest rock bit manufacturers in the world (founded in 1743). The company is located in Verhnie Sergi, a small town of 6,500 people, approximately 100 kilometers (60 miles) from the city of Ekaterinburg in the Ural Mountain region of Russia. Locals know this place as the Switzerland of the Ural region.
From 1743 to 1931 the plant produced pig iron, band iron, and hoop iron. In 1931 the company was restructured and started to produce rock bits to help fill the large demand for this product. UralBMT was the first to manufacture rock bits in the Soviet Union at that time, and quickly became recognized as one of the leading manufacturers in this field. The first rock bits were produced in 1931.
шарошечное долото From distant 1931 UralBMT has produced a variety of tools of different shapes and sizes which were used all over Russia, former republics of the Soviet Union, USA, Canada, France, and other countries in mining, water well drilling, construction, environmental, and gas and oil industries. With these products hundreds of thousands kilometers of different wells were drilled. Some of the wells were as deep as 13,000 meters (42763 feet).
In 1993 Uralburmash, JSC became private company with more than 500 shareholders.
While the break up of the Soviet Union drove many of the manufacturing companies in Russia to financial turmoil, UralBMT continued upgrading their machines, technology, and manufacturing capacity. In 1996-1997 the new quality control system and manufacturing processes were implemented.
In May 1999, UralBMT received the ISO 9001 certificate.
At the present time UralBMT has over 2600 employees, and produces more than 100,000 rock bits per year. They have continued to expand their product line and now service on a regular basis the mining, water well drilling, construction, environmental, and gas and oil industries.
Outside of Russia and former Republics of the Soviet Union, UralBMT's fastest growing market is the U.S.A. In the year 2001, more than $1,000,000 worth of rock bits were sold through our exclusive distributor New World Products Company located in Chicago, Illinois.
UralBMT is constantly working on new tool design that will improve the mining bit industry. The research and development department in UralBMT, combined with the help of American engineers, introduced more than 45 new designs of rock bits since 1999.
All newly designed rock bits are produced in a special experimental shop, tested in a unique testing center, and then tested out in the field. Once all tests have been passed, UralBMT begins production of these tools in the manufacturing facility.
Uralburmash's highly trained technical support personnel are available for any of your rock bit application questions.
September 30, 2001 was UralBMT's 70th anniversary of its mining bits production. On this day the 16,000,000th three cone rock bit was produced and put in the company museum.

Volgaburmash and Uralburmash are Russia’s largest companies producing rock-cutting tools