Product life cycle

Research and development of new bit designs is carried out by the Specialized Design and Development Group, which has received over 300 patents and has implemented into production process over 1500 innovations since the day it was founded.
Volgaburmash, JSC designers work in 3D software systems Siemens NX that are used by the world’s leading companies. These software systems enable 3D designing and working out the technology of bit components machining with high precision. This enables us to master any nomenclature required by the customer in the shortest time possible.

All raw materials and constituent parts used in drill bits production pass thorough incoming control according to the established technical requirements. Volgaburmash, JSC’s laboratories are equipped with the most advanced equipment that enables to define the chemical composition, any element content in the incoming materials or check their physical and mechanical properties and measure the dimensions with high accuracy.

Implementation of a drill bit in metal starts in press shop where the blanks for the major components are made. It is equipped with die-forging hammers and hot forging presses with 4000 tones capacity, electrical furnaces for heat treatment of blanks and specialized machinery for removing the oxide scale.

Volgaburmash, JSC’s metallurgy shop is also equipped with the best equipment to produce high strength hard alloys. A bit contacts with the formation via its tungsten carbide cutting structure that is why this is a very important link in the processing chain to provide high products quality.

Before they go to thermochemical treatment, leg and cone blanks undergo preliminary machine treatment where metal-cutting, welding and facing equipment produced by world’s leading suppliers is used. Due to this, high quality level of bit components machining is achieved.

Thermochemical treatment is the main method of strengthening the surface of bit components. Volgaburmash, JSC’s technology uses unique vacuum and chamber furnaces that enable carrying out the major heat treatment operations according to the preset program in an automated way. That gives an opportunity to strictly control the main parameters and achieve the maximum strength of components that increases bits performance reliability.

After thermochemical treatments is over, all components pass thorough control and then arrive at the finish-machining shop. It is equipped with milling and grinding machines, boring and lathe machines, hydraulic presses – all of them made by the world’s leading manufacturers.

Volgaburmash, JSC employs a revolutionary backlash-free technology and electron beam welding that provide retention of all drill bit parameters, given at the design stage.

PDC bits production workshop caries out the full technological cycle of machining PDC bits components.  Production of PDC bits, core bits and reamers is equipped with advanced high-accuracy equipment: NC machine tools and machining center modules made by the world’s leading manufacturers that implement the bit in the metal with maximum adherence to all design features. Control software for them are developed in software system Siemens NX.

Volgaburmash, JSC’s Quality Management System regulates all aspects of Company’s work, from executing a contract for bits manufacturing till the bits are delivered to the customer..
Quality Management System is certified according to the International standards requirements ISO 9001, as well as American Petroleum Institute ANSI/API Spec.Q1.
Manufactured drill bits are certified according to API requirements ANSI/API Spec. Q1, ANSI/API Spec. 7-1, and National Standard GOST 20692 and GOST 26474.
Each certificate is given for a certain period of time after which a new audit should be carried out. Volgaburmash, JSC has been proving its compliance with the international quality standards due to highly qualified employees, use of the advanced machines and technologies as well as control at each manufacturing stage. Before the assembly all bit components are checked for compliance with the design and engineering requirements and the ready bits for compliance with the international quality standards.

Volgaburmash and Uralburmash are Russia’s largest companies producing rock-cutting tools