Quality Management

Volgaburmash, JSC Quality Management System (QMS) regulates all aspects of the Company’s operations, from signing supply contracts to delivery of goods to the Customer. QMS is certified according to the requirements of international standard ISO 9001, as well as requirements of American Petroleum Institute ANSI/API Spec.Q1. Drill bits produced by the Company are certified in compliance with the standards of American Petroleum Institute ANSI/API Spec. Q1, ANSI/API Spec. 7-1, and Government Standards GOST 20692 and GOST 26474.
диаметры долот Each certificate is issued for a limited period of time after which a new audit is performed. Thanks to high qualification of our engineers, use of the state-of-the-art equipment and advanced technologies, as well as control of each stage of manufacturing process, Volgaburmash, JSC has been proving its meeting the international standards for more than 10 years.

All materials and components used for drill bits production go thorough incoming material control. Volgaburmash laboratories are equipped with the most advanced equipment to enable our specialists to determine any element content in the incoming materials within the accuracy of 10-6%.

To test production at each manufacturing stage we use specialized express laboratories. Before assembly all bit components are checked for compliance with design-engineering specifications, and a finished drill bit is checked for meeting the established quality standards.

Depending on diameter drill bit samples:
— Up to 11 5/8”, pass acceptance benchmark and/or field test;
— over 11 5/8”, pass acceptance field test.

During the test, durability and efficiency of drill bit designs are assessed to make a decision either to start a serial production of this bit design or to further develop the design.

диаметры долот Benchmark test is performed in Volgaburmash research laboratory in the simulated field conditions. This procedure gives an opportunity to observe wear type and wear dynamics of certain elements of cutting structure and bearings. Only after positive results are achieved, pilot batches of drill bits are sent to the Customer for rig tests supervised by our service engineers; there serial production of these bits must be finally approved.

Also, drill bits that were used in drilling facilities in different areas of Russia and foreign countries are delivered to the research laboratory. They are thoroughly examined to find the ways of further modifications of the designs and improving their performance. Due to this examination our design engineers promptly receive customer feedback and upgrade the products and continuously improve their performance.

VOLGABURMASH, JSC has a comprehensive approach to quality control of its production to ensure that our customers get the drilling equipment complying with international quality standards.

Volgaburmash and Uralburmash are Russia’s largest companies producing rock-cutting tools