165.1 (6 1/2) QL60-R2038 DTH bit has shown very good performance on the testing site in Australia


Volgaburmash, JSC together with its Distributor has successfully tested the 165.1 (6 1/2) QL60-R2038 DTH bit in Australia. The rig used was Atlas Copco D65 of the major mining company in Australia, formations were from soft to medium – iron ore with some clay and drilling pressure was 21-24 bar. The bit has completed 2,964 meters, and its performance is similar to the performance of leading foreign companies, taking into account that the bit has not been worn out and will be provided to Volgaburmash, JSC for analysis.

The 165.1 (6 1/2) QL60-R2038 DTH bit was developed in 2015 and is the first design in the DTH product line of Volgaburmash, JSC, it will be also tested in Russia shortly.

Currently we evaluate and determine the estimated requirements for DTH bits in the diameter range of 5 7/8” to 6 ¾”. We encourage interested companies to effect testing of these bits.

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