220,7 FD-368SM-A399 Bit Ensured High ROP in Vostochno-Surgutskoye Field of Surgutneftegaz, JSC


A PDC bit 220,7 FD-368SM-A399 produced by Volgaburmash, JSC was tested in Vostochno—Surgutskoye field of Surgutneftegaz, JSC. Directional well # 6081, cluster #584, was drilled with screw downhole motor DGR-178 in the section from 767m to 2928m. The operation was carried out by the drilling crew of Surgut Drilling Dept-3 under the supervision of rig superintendant A.V. Inkin supported by the engineering and telemetric crew # 35 under the charge of R.A. Bakhaev. They achieved well average ROP of 92,87 m/h.
The design process of this drill bit included dynamic force balancing, improved jet water courses to prevent bit balling and PDC overheating while drilling. Also, a calculation of fixed PDC cutter penetration was made for West Siberian fields.

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