295.3 FD516MH (A412) PDC Bit Provides High ROP in the Perm Territory


A field trial of a PDC bit 295.3 FD516MH (A412) was carried out in the Perm territory when drilling a directional well. Drill bit 295.3 FD516MH (A412) provides high ROP with the drilling modes as follows:

  • Section: 86 - 481 m.;
  • DDM: DGR240, RPM 120 - 170 rpm;
  • WOB: 8 - 18 t.;
  • Drilling fluid: technical water, flow rate 45 l/sec.
  • Meterage per bit amounted to 395 m., with average ROP equal to 52 m/h. The section drilled was made up by sandstone, argillite and limestone characterized as medium and hard abrasive formations.
    The used bit has practically no wear and will be rerun when drilling the next well.
    295.3 FD516MH (A412) bit geometry and cutting structure are specially designed to achieve high ROP either with downhole drilling motor or turbine mud motor.

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