Attention to changes in bit designations


Dear partners,
Currently, we pay special attention to the ease of using the manufactured products and aim at making the selection of the required rock-cutting tools as easy as possible for you.
Starting from January, 2016, to overcome the difficulties when selecting our products, we remove design numbers “R#” and “A#” from marking of the products.

- Roller cone oil&gas bit: before - 393,7 (15 1/2) GRD111 (R970); after - 393,7 (15 1/2) GRD111;
- Roller cone mining bit: before - 250,8 (9 7/8) AIRP637 (R2049); after - 250,8 (9 7/8) AIRP637;
- PDC bit: before - 114,0 (4 1/2) FD609MA (A85); after - 114,0 (4 1/2) FD609MA

This change involves all products having “R#” or “A#” in their designations.

If you have any questions related to new marking system, please contact the experts of Volgaburmash, JSC Commercial Dept. via phone: +7-846-300-80-47

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