04.04.2018 April issue of “PLM Expert. Innovations in the industry” displays an interview with Marat Matevosyan, CEO of Volgaburmash, JSC.
Digitalisation is the base of our strategy, which enables us to simulate modifications before implementing them in finished products.
For the purpose of introducing Siemens PLM Software technology, we developed a method of parallel team development of new products using NX CAD-system, engineering analysis system Simcenter and Teamcenter PLM-system. This combination enabled us to create parameterized designs of the products, thus actually switching from design process to configuring new products. Due to this we created digital twins of our products. Using Siemens technologies enabled us to completely abandon execution of drawings and standard technical documentation. All new products are designed in NX, at the same time we make annotating 3D-models of old designs.
As a result of introducing new technologies we have the following: 1) we have sped up developing and manufacturing finished products; 2) on a systemic level, a much greater amount of various data is gathered and analyzed which gives us new opportunities in math support of design and technological solutions; 3) economic effectiveness grows due to applying modular design.
We can offer to our customers a wide range of products consisting of standardized set of design and technological structural components and parts.

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Volgaburmash and Uralburmash are Russia’s largest companies producing rock-cutting tools