Matrix Body Bit 215,9 FD-266MH-AM369 provides excellent performance in the field of Gazpromneft Orenburg, CJSC


Matrix bits produced by Volgaburmash, JSC have once again provided excellent performance. Specialists of the Company’s Service Dept. drilled production hole in the section of 3384-3685 meters in Tsarichanskoye field of Gazpromneft Orenburg, CJSC. The meterage of 215,9 FD-266MH-AM369 bit made 301 m with average ROP of 2,72 m/h and bit durability of 110,5 hours, which was significantly higher than the planned performance. While drilling hard chert-bearing limestone, the ROP reached 3,8 m/h with the planned ROP of 2,4 m/h. The bit was pulled out in a good condition; it will be re-run in the fields of Samara region and Bashkiria.
215,9 FD-266MH-AM369 bit was designed and mastered in 2012. It is equipped with premium polycrystalline diamond cutters providing improved wear-resistance. As for the key performance indicators, 215,9 FD-266MH-AM369 bit by far surpasses the roller-cone bits previously used for drilling hard abrasive formations in this area.
This design was awarded the First Place Diploma according to the results of the Best Product Competition at the 17th International Exhibition “Surgut Oil and Gas – 2012” as Advanced Drilling and Oil-field Equipment.

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