Tests of two new models of cone bits in Jordan.

23.07.2018 In the end of June, Volgaburmash completed testing two new roller cone bit designs while drilling in a phosphate field in Jordan..

The first design – 171.4(6 ¾) AIRJ722, which was developed specially for this field, turned out to be more efficient. Average meterage was similar to that of successfully used Atlas Copco bits or higher than of Chinese and Sandvik drill bits. The second design – 171,4(6 ¾) AIRJ522 was less efficient due to mining and geological peculiarities of this field, and namely numerous zones with boulder and pebble deposits, as well as presence of extremely hard alternations including quartz rock and silicon. Also this testing gave a start to developing new bit manufacturing technology which Volgaburmash has never had before and which gives additional bit cone protection against the abrasive wear.

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