Tugnuysky Open Pit, JSC increased its average meterage by more than 20% and reduced its drilling costs using Volgaburmash products


Volgaburmash carried out trial of drill bit 250.8 (9 7/8) AIRJ632 at Tugnuysky Open Pit – an affiliate of SUEK, JSC.
SUEK is the largest coal producer in Russia and fifth largest coal company in the world.

The test was held in formation hardness f=10-12 with drilling rig DM-M2, the drilling mode being as follows:
- WOB: 18-20 tons
- RPM: 80-100 rpm.

As a result of introducing new technical solutions the average meters drilled by drill bit 250.8 (9 7/8) AIRJ632 made 11633 meters which is by more than 20% higher than the meterage of foreign competitors. This helped significantly reduce cost per meter.
As a result of the bit trial and the tender, Volgaburmash was chosen as the major drill bit supplier.

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