Volgaburmash’ Drill Bits Show Excellent Performance at Bashkir Fields


Drill bits manufactured by Volgaburmash, JSC have been successfully tested in the license areas of Bashneft-Burenie, LLC, at Sergeevskoye, Tatyshlinskoye and Yugomashevskoye fields.

When drilling conductor hole from 0m to 120m, the average ROP of 393,7 FD248S A-288 bit made 16-20 m/hour while the expected ROP was 12 m/hour.
295,3 FD 257SM A-47М-02 bit was used to drill conductor hole from 120m to 560m. The average ROP was 14-22 m/hour while the expected ROP was 10 m/hour.

To drill production hole at Sergeevskoye field, 215,9 FD266M-A369 was used. It enabled the drillers to have average ROP of 22 m/hour. Its maximum measured ROP made 50 m/hour.
As compared with three-cone bits previously used in the region, FD line of the Company’s PDC bits has doubled ROP. Moreover, the use of PDC bits enabled the drillers to reduce the risk of contingency situations and reduce tripping, which resulted in shorter well construction period.

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