Volgaburmash Increases Its Quality Level


The Company has reached a new stage in its attempt to increase its quality level. Additional measures were worked out to improve PDC and roller cone bits technical characteristics. For instance, the Company has launched a new program to select a foreign supplier of high quality steel, PDC cutters and other components. Methods of bit design and technological processes are being improved.
The plant has always been actively increasing the quality of its products and optimizing the technological processes. The bits produced by Volgaburmash, JSC, have good operational characteristics that are approved by the customers. The need for the changes is caused by the change in the customer requirements. Nowadays the drillers need high reliability of the instrument even more than all-time high ROP and meterage.

They need to be sure of the bit steady operation – because the costs of the drill string trips are much higher than the cost of the bit itself. While working out the action plan, the customer feedback, the conclusions of the bit research engineers and bit service specialists were taken into consideration. This will enable our Company to produce drill bits of even higher quality level and to better meet the growing customer requirements.

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