Volgaburmash, JSC has successfully tested roller cone bits 250,8 AUL-ALS72Y-R976 и 250,8 AUL-ALS63Y-R982


Volgaburmash, JSC specialists once again successfully tested mining bits. The drilling tools produced by the Company gave high performance in the applications of Belgorodskaya oblast, Krasnoyarsk region and Kola peninsula.
Drill bits 250,8 AUL-ALS72Y-R976 successfully passed the test in the applications of Stoilensky Mining and Processing Complex. The average meterage when drilling in formations of Category 17 made up 365 m, which is twice better than that of the bits produced by another Russian manufacturer.
Drill bits 250,8 AUL-ALS63Y-R982 were tested at the field of “RUSAL Achinsk”, JSC. In formations f=16-18 with average ROP of 23,1 m/h, the meterage made up 1017 m, which is more than twice higher than the results achieved by other Russian manufacturers..

Good performance was achieved by these bits in the Central Mine of “Apatit”, JSC. When drilling blast holes in formations of Categories 13-16, the average meterage was 1400 m, which is by 2.3 times more than the similar result achieved by a bit of another Russian company.

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