Volgaburmash, JSC Launches Mass Production of Nickel-Coated PDC Bits


A new electroplating room was opened in Volgaburmash, JSC’s PDC bits manufacturing workshop. It was started up for applying nickel coating on bits bodies. In comparison with the previous chrome coating, the new one has improved protective characteristics and increased wear-resistance. Specialized leveling agents decrease the unevenness of the bit surface and prevent bit balling. Using new type of coating increases wear-resistance and life of PDC bits.

For the newly launched room, the Company has purchased an outfit of equipment – chemical nickel playing unit, electroplating baths etc. After the successful start-up and adjustment works, nickel-coated bits were put into mass production.

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Volgaburmash and Uralburmash are Russia’s largest companies producing rock-cutting tools