Volgaburmash, JSC mastered manufacture of large diameter roller cone bits


In December 2011 Volgaburmash, JSC started production of large diameter sectional bits that in comparison with molded body bits feature increased reliability and better performance.

At Volgaburmash we started manufacturing bits of 393.7 mm (15 ½”), 444.5 mm (17 ½”), 469.9 mm (18 ½”), as well as 660.4 mm (26”) diameter at the same time.

Our designers of the Volgaburmash Special Design Group developed a full array of bits ranging from 393.7 mm (15 ½”) to 660.4 mm (26”), with milled teeth and tungsten carbide inserts, that are in high demand in the market today.

Large dimensions and weight required use of not only special hoisting equipment, but also of heavy-duty, large-sized machinery. Therefore significant process preparation was carried out, and new equipment was purchased, such as multi-axis machining centers and lathes.

We also planned purchasing of advanced machining centers in the year of 2012 that will allow us to extend our capabilities in the production of such bits.

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