Volgaburmash, JSC Successfully Tests a 215,9 FD368SM A59-07 Drill Bit with a New PDC Cutter Type


The bit was tested on BK Eurasia’s field Urievskoye. The bit was used with a screw downhole motor in the intervals of
490 – 1768m, 1768 – 2780m, 775 – 1950m, 1950 – 2363m, 2363 – 3217m and 706 – 2290m.
Total bit meterage drilled in six runs made 6316 m while the bit was still usable. Its IADC wear was: 1 / 2 / CT / N,G / X / 1 /NO / LOG. The bit will be re-used for further drilling.

The main target of this upgrading was the increase of the headway per drill bit. 215.9 FD368SM A59-07 design used a new PDC cutter type that is characterized by its improved wear resistance.

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