VOLGABURMASH, JSC Successfully Tests Its New Matrix Bits in the Perm Region and Yakutia


Volgaburmash has successfully tested its matrix bits in Yakutia. Meterage drilled by 215,9 FD-266MН-AM369 made 1546 meters with one refurbishment, with ROP being 21.86 m/h and durability being 70.7 hours. The bit is to be refurbished.
Meterage drilled by 215,9 FD-277MН-AM309-01 bit made 1449 meters with ROP being 22 m/h and durability being 65.91 hours. The bit is in usable condition.
In addition to that, Volgaburmash has successfully tested its matrix bits in the Perm region in the fields of BK Eurasia. The meterage drilled made 1291 meters with average ROP of 25.55 m/h. The bit drilled two surface hole drilling sections and meets all the requirements of BK Eurasia’s Technical Department.
Matrix bit 295,3 FD-257MН-AM412 is designed for drilling in medium formations with hard interlayers. It was developed in 2012 pointedly to be used in the Perm region applications.

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All bit bodies are equipped with premium PDC cutters. The development process of these bit designs involved using advanced computer technologies to balance the dynamic loading of these bits. As a result, vibrations were reduced significantly and the bit life was increased.

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