Volgaburmash roller cone bits are tested in Kazakhstan


Volgaburmash Company had its bits 295,3 AUM2-KLS13TGP-R927-01 tested in Burgylau, LLP on Uzen field.
The bits were run in the sections of 30 - 600 meters with rotor in soft formations with medium hard streaks. The average meterage drilled made 1,272 m with average bit life of 111.5 hours and average ROP of 11.4 m/hour. The bits are still operable and will be re-run when drilling other wells.

This bit design was developed specifically for Kazakhstan drilling applications and that enabled the Company to achieve better results then the competitors’ bits used in similar applications: meterage drilled is higher by 27%, bit life is longer by 22%, ROP is higher by 9%.

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