Volgaburmash successfully tests its PDC bit in Eastern Siberia


A steel body bit 215.9 FD-716MH (A309) is designed for full diameter drilling horizontal and directional oil and gas wells in medium formations with hard interlayers flushed with drilling fluid. The bit is highly wear-resistant and durable.   
The bit 215.9 FD-716MH (A309) was tested in Severo-Talakanskoye field while drilling a directional well in the section of 416 – 1 398 m.

Drilling mode:
- Drill rig BU 2900/175 EPK;
- DDM+rotor, WOB 8-10 tonnes., RPM 120-130 rpm;
- Drilling fluid: technical water, flow rate 38 – 40 l/sec.;

Meterage per well made 982 m coupled with average ROP of 20.36 m/h. In the process of drilling the well the bit ensured the opportunity of active correction of the bit trajectory along the whole length of the bore hole and it absolutely meets the customer requirements.

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