For bit design, selection and optimization, the Company uses BitScan software system developed by DrillScan. This software system incorporates the following modules:
- Simulation module which enables our experts to make a forecast of bit performance characteristics in actual well applications including ROP, MSE, wear, torque, steerability;
- Sensitivity module in which bit design is analyzed, several designs are compared in specific applications to ensure the best choice of bits. Also, this module enables to review both bit behavior in general and each individual cutter;
- Post-analysis module in which detailed drilling analysis is carried out based on log data, bit performance results versus lithology, MSE calculation and finding correlations.
Using BitScan software system enables us to select the optimum bit design to solve specific customer problems and make a forecast of its performance with high degree of accuracy. 
DrillScan solutions are applied in the projects of such world’s major operators as Total, BP, Shell, Statoil and ENI.

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